Baby Wear

In terms of practical economy, we must first start from the physiological characteristics of the baby, the baby loves to sweat, and the defecation function is not perfect. The temperature is adapted to the outside temperature, so the fabric requires not only sweat, softness, but also washing resistance. Another feature is that the baby's body shape grows fast, and the outer cuffs are designed on the cuffs and the cuffs to increase the clothing. The wearing time, on the sleeping supplies, the sleeping bag is designed to be expandable, so that the grown baby can continue to use it as a quilt. In terms of aesthetics and fashion, the popular colors and patterns of adult clothes cannot be completely moved to the baby clothes, according to the baby's small size is chosen and applied, and some small animal ears or Xiaokun are used on the baby's hat. The tentacles of the insects are used as decorations, and the fabrics can be decorated with cute animals, small flowers and small geometric patterns decoration, color should choose popular colors, but to fit the baby, not too deep and heavy. We are a professional custom baby wear company.
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