Casual Tops

Casual top, generally refers to the outer garment worn by the upper body, consisting of a collar, a sleeve, a bodice, and a bag. There are student wear, military casual wear, jackets, dual-use shirts, T-shirts, and the like. Sometimes it refers to the clothes that people wear on their bodies. As the season changes, the top can be made into single, clip, cotton, and the like. Generally divided into two categories according to the use of inner tops and outer tops. The inner tops include sweatshirts, cotton sweaters (see knitwear) and so on. Outer blouses are generally named after style, use, craftsmanship, foreign words or names. Commonly used are tunic suits, suits, student wear, military casual wear, jackets, dual-use shirts, card suits, hunting suits, T-shirts, Chinese and Western tops. In addition, such as sweaters, cotton, etc., can be worn inside or outside.
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