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Cleaning methods of outdoor clothing
Apr 12, 2017

Machine Washing Method: 1, choose to have specialized outside the skin clothing washing and drying procedures washing machine, can be for outdoor clothing material, protect the skin waterproof breathable coat. 2, washing: Washing machine should be able to adjust the appropriate washing rhythm and strength, wash the cleaning and avoid washing friction damage waterproof coating. 3, rinse: washing machine to have foam self-test technology, can thoroughly remove detergent residue, avoid chemical damage waterproof coating. 4, dehydration: washing machine to be able to make the water in clothing slowly prolapse, dehydration while avoiding damage to clothing coating. 5, Drying: washing machine can be not higher than the lower temperature of the condensation drying, drying at the same time to avoid high-temperature damage waterproof layer. Hand washing Method: 1, the use of neutral detergent, with no more than 30 degrees of lukewarm water, the clothing will soak the bubble is not more than 5 minutes. 2, use soft brush to wash clothes more dirty parts. 3, a lot of water rinse, must wash the detergent ingredients. 4, do not wring dry clothes, directly in the natural environment to dry, but avoid sunlight exposure. 5, do not high temperature ironing, this is the same as the mountaineering package. 6, each washing will have a certain damage to clothing, avoid frequent washing. 7, under the guidance of professional personnel, regular use of professional anti-splashing agent to repair clothing waterproof and maintenance.

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