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Coat Maintenance
Apr 12, 2017

The coat should try not to let it suffer from rain and sunlight exposure. Avoid leather contact with acid, alkali, salt or organic solvents. When you do not wear a coat, you should be cleaned and properly preserved. Use the appropriate method to shape, with a wider hanger hanging up, to avoid piling on leather goods in order to avoid distortion, affect wearing. Leather products should be stored in dry, cool, dust-proof places, and should be around the leather products to put some moth balls such as mildew, pest and other medicines. Clothes put in the wardrobe, should be hung up. Although the wardrobe is a place to store clothes, but also can not guarantee the dust, and the general wardrobe joints and wooden veneer binders most easily attract small bugs or breeding mites. Therefore, after the clothes into the wardrobe, preferably on the front of the stack or hanging on, silk, wool, cashmere materials to put on the next moth balls, coats, down jacket, suits and light-colored jackets, preferably with a dustproof cover.

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