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Selection of Coats
Apr 12, 2017

Coats, also known as coats, are worn in the most out of clothing. The size of the coat is generally larger, long sleeves, and other clothes that can be covered with the upper body. The front end of the coat has a button or zipper for wearing, and the coat is generally used for warmth or rain. 1. Fabrics: Whether waterproof, windproof, cold is the main parameters to choose the jacket. 2. Version: The European version of the coat is suitable for a higher body, the Japanese version of the coat is relatively petite. 3. Whether the collar can stand up, and can ensure that the collar after the circular arc gradient uniform, fold less or not. 4. Whether the shoulder is smooth. When you try to wear, you must lift the arms around the shoulder to see if there is a sense of oppression. 5. Check the coat front closure is symmetrical, and check the sewing pin and arc transition uniformity. 6. Both hands are inserted in the jacket pocket, check for the adequacy of the pocket, and whether the position is appropriate, and put the waistband in the pocket to see if it is appropriate. 7. The sleeves are longer, preferably 1-2 cm longer than the clothes inside. 8. Take off the clothes, lift the collar with one hand, and inspect the coat's weight.

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