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Selection of pants Knowledge
Apr 12, 2017

The color of the jeans: before the organization and color of trousers are very simple, pants fabric slowly fashion, in color also become rich. But essentially indigo and blue-black. The main reason is that the effect of blue water washing is most popular, and the test of time. Those variegated jeans have been in vogue for a while, but all like a gust of wind blew past, so for most of the consumption, the jeans in the color of too much to be fastidious, a little fuss. Indigo is a solid color, the more washed the more beautiful effect, so it is also the eternal beauty of jeans. Pants Fabric Thickness: cloth weight with yarn and fabric density, yarn density, the thicker the thick cloth, the greater the weight. Generally can be divided into light, medium and heavy three categories. Lightweight cloth weight for 200~340 grams/m2 (6~10 oz/square yards), medium 340~450 grams/m2 (10~13 oz/square yards), heavy-duty 450 grams above (13 oz/square yards).

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