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The drying of the coat
Apr 12, 2017

Best in the shade to dry, not to exposure, excessive exposure to bad. The pure cotton coat must pay attention to, very love variant, the best hand wash, to light, cool to tile, try not to open the suspension. The jacket should be in the air, or the anti-drying, and clothing material, color and drying time of the length of the. For the general material and lighter color clothes, is drying and the sun drying the difference is not small, but if it is silk, cashmere, wool material clothing, or color more gorgeous cotton clothing, and easy to fade denim material clothing, after washing, it is best to turn it to dry, otherwise, the sun ultraviolet irradiation intensity easily destroy clothing fabric softness and luster. For some intimate underwear, it is best not to turn dry, because of the air dust, microorganisms and other dirty things easily contaminated underwear. Suggest that the clothing is immediately collected, in the air exposure time is too long, may cause itching and other skin inflammation.

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