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The historical origins of trousers
Apr 12, 2017

According to historical records, the Ancients in the Central plains area wearing crotch pants is from the Warring States Period only began. At that time, Zhao Zhao Wuling king in Handan "Husel" military reform, is wearing the costumes of the people, learning the battle methods of archery, and thereafter, Zhongyuan talent wear pants. In the Han Dynasty, the trousers of the crotch were called "pants" when Hanzhaodi was made. Old trousers have 2:1 pants; one for Yun (loincloths). "said Wen" without Hakama and Shan, Yue: "Shan, shin Clothing also, from the Department Kua Sound (Bitter so cut)." Yun, "Wen": "Yun, heavy thick also, from the Heart Army (Gu hun cut) Yun or from the clothing." "The sound meaning is totally different." Hakama Shan sound and semantic shape are identical. "Poetry by Qin Feng ·" "and Zi Tong ze" ze, for this Shan word. "said Wen" Yue: "Shan, Shan also, from the sound of the cold province," Yue Levy Shan and Ru (to the "" ")", so hakama Shan Shan four words, tone-shaped or the same or No. But for the shank one. Hakama (Pants), "release" Yue: "Hakama, Cross also, two strands of each other." "Rush article" Yan Note yue: "Hakama, said the tibia clothing also, the big person said the pour, the small person said the school mouth." "Trousers of two shares Yue Shan." Duan Yu CD, "said the word": hakama, that is "this so-called set of Hakama also", is wrong.

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