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The history of skirt development
Apr 12, 2017

Skirts have been in the world since ancient times. such as the original Man's grass skirt, leaf skirt, skin skirt, the ancient Egyptian linen transparent cylindrical skirt, the bell-shaped skirt of Crete, the ancient Greek fold skirt, Mesopotamia's wool apron, ancient Indian Aryan man's sari skirt. Chinese men and women in the pre-Qin period of general jacket, skirts. In the Wei and Jin dynasties, the fashionable straight-flap long skirt, and there is a single skirt (petticoat), complex skirt (outer skirt). Sui and Tang dynasties, women's prevailing ru skirt, skirt varieties, style increasingly colorful. The famous skirt of successive dynasties have a clip of the valsartan skirt, monofilament flower cage skirt, pomegranate skirt, cui xia skirt, hidden flower skirt, 100 bird feather skirt, double butterfly skirt, Yu jin skirt, Yue-yue skirt, phoenix skirt, elastic monlchamus skirt, scales pleated skirts, colored embroidered mamianshan skirt and so on. To modern times, the world's skirts are different, and learn from each other, so that the variety of skirts is becoming richer.

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