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The Making of Pants
Apr 12, 2017

There is a big difference in the physique of men and women, so in the cutting process of trousers has a different way, the waist section of the male body lower than the waist of the female body of the male waist section high, so they decided the same height women pants long and vertical stalls greater than men's pants. The female waist-waist sag is more pronounced than the male, the difference of the hip and lumbar two circumference is also greater than the male body, the female body is more plump than the male rear buttock. Lateral buttocks more sudden, hip peak than male body lower, so female pants than men's after the provincial volume is bigger, longer, rear stall side slope more foot, while the female waist to the hip split more than men's pants greater. Due to the physical differences between men and women, so decided to the male pants in front of the concave potential greater than female, also decided that the door towel always set in the former center position, and women pants before and after the arbitrary settings, and then decided to design the female pants before and after the door can not.

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