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Characteristics Of Outdoor Clothing
Apr 12, 2017

Warmth retention: Although the warmth of the fabric is closely related to the thickness, but outdoor sports do not allow clothing too thick, so that both warm and lightweight to meet the special requirements of outdoor sportswear. The most common method is to include chromium oxide in synthetic fiber spinning solution. Magnesium oxide, zirconia and other special ceramic powders, especially nano-sized micro-ceramic powders, it can absorb sunlight and other visible light into heat, but also reflect the body's own emission of far infrared, so it has excellent thermal insulation, thermal performance. Moisture permeability: The moisture permeability test is suitable for evaluating the penetration ability of the fabrics under certain conditions. To hold moisture absorbent or water, and seal the fabric specimen of the moisture-soaked cups placed in the prescribed temperature and humidity in the sealed environment, according to a certain period of time breathable cups (including samples and moisture absorbent or water) quality changes to calculate the sample moisture permeability, moisture penetration. Waterproof: Outdoor clothing to provide the primary function is waterproof, most traditional fabrics of waterproofing is coated or thin film, later appeared with fluorine-containing compounds or silicone finishing agent waterproof treatment. Waterproof effect can be used to resist seepage resistance and surface moisture resistance to express.

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