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Classification Of Jackets
Apr 12, 2017

As the seasons change, the jacket can be made into a single, clip, it, cotton, etc. China is generally divided into two categories of jacket and outer jacket by use. The jacket includes t-shirts, Shing (see knitting garments), etc. The outer jacket is generally named for style, use, craft features, loanwords or names, common with Mao suits, suit, student attire, military casual, jacket, Shini, Kaka, Safari suit, T-shirts, Western shirt, etc. In addition, such as sweater, coat, etc., can be worn inside, but also externally. Student attire: Before and after the fourth Movement, Japan was introduced into China, which was the jacket for young male students. Features are stand collar, 3 pockets, length to buttocks, more plain khaki, white canvas or Melton, Serge and other wool production. Coats buttoned up in the early use of the logo design, the 50 's after the general button. Military casual: From the evolution of the coat of tunic. Feature is the lapel, 4 symmetrical cover open bag, bag lid not open new eyes, no back seam, length qi buttocks, more plain wool or khaki production.

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