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Criteria For Selection Of Infant Garments
Apr 12, 2017

First, the baby's underwear, coat requirements are different. Infant clothing, hygiene standards are relatively high, the infant's underwear change frequency is much higher than the coat. And in contrast to a wide variety of coats, baby underwear prices are relatively inexpensive. So, when the parents purchase clothing for their babies, to calculate the best, the most reasonable proportion is that the number of underwear two times the coat. At the same time, infant skin delicate, in the choice of underwear must be hygroscopic, perspiration function better natural fibers, such as cotton cloth and so on as the first choice. And the coat is more fastidious in the function of warmth, wind and other practical effects. At the same time, infant growth rate is very Shaanxi, for economic reasons, all kinds of clothes do not buy too much. Second, in the infant clothing style selection requires functional clarity, both to facilitate parents, but also let the baby feel comfortable. Infant costumes generally do not have buttons, is because of fear of the infant eating and causing danger, so use the way belt.

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