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Design Principles Of Infant Clothing
Apr 12, 2017

Practicality, economics and fashion are the design of infant clothing items must be considered. Practical economy, first of all, from the physiological characteristics of infants, baby love sweating, defecation function is not sound, the external temperature is slower, so fabric requirements not only absorb sweat, soft, but also to resist washing. Another feature is the infant shape growth and development fast, in the cuffs and pants on the use of the Valgus side design, can increase clothing wear time, sleeping in the protective equipment, sleeping bags with an expandable design, so that the baby can continue to use it as a quilt. In the aesthetic fashion, adult attire of popular colors and patterns can not be completely moved to infants, according to the small size of infants to choose the characteristics of application, in the baby's hat uses some small animal ears or small insect tentacles as decorative objects, fabrics can be used cute small animals, small flowers, small geometric patterns as decoration, color to choose popular color, but to be suitable for infants, not too deep too heavy.

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