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How To Clean And Maintain A Down Jacket
Apr 12, 2017

When down jacket no longer fluffy or accumulate dust and grease, down jacket performance will fall, at this time, suggest washing clothes. Occasionally cleaning down jacket is very important, can keep down jacket of fluffy degree, prolong its service life, but the cleaning should be as cautious as possible. We strongly recommend the use of drum washing machines for washing, such as washing machines for stirring (wave-wheel) washing machines, it is recommended to put clothes in the mesh laundry bag for cleaning, in order to protect clothing in the washing process. It is recommended to use a dedicated down jacket, such as (Granger's down Cleaner). Please use warm water (lukewarm) to avoid hot procedures or gentle washing procedures to wash, to reduce mixing, and then thoroughly rinse clean. Two rinsing procedures are recommended to ensure that the cleaning agent of the down jacket is fully rinsed. Before drying, please put the clothes on the plane, and gently squeeze using a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Then, use two tennis or "sock balls" and a down jacket to put together a low temperature (no hot program) drying, which can help keep down jacket fluffy. Completely dry down jacket takes more than 3 hours to fully achieve the original fluffy and warmth. After the jacket is completely dry, please remove the down jacket immediately and store it in the dry place without extrusion.

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