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Sportswear Purchasing Skills
Apr 12, 2017

First, sportswear should take into account seasonal and ambient temperature variations. Exercise when the release of heat and even sweat, if summer words wear a very thin and lightweight sportswear can be. During the autumn and winter season, sports wear should be able to preserve heat and distribute moisture, so that the muscles feel comfortable and soft, avoiding unnecessary bodily injury in sports. Secondly, the choice of sportswear should be based on the fabric and environment factors. For example, exercise in the gym to choose self-cultivation Sportswear, avoid loose clothing and equipment release hanging create a safety hazard. The athletic wear can obviously feel the body muscle change, make the movement in place. Therefore, choose some combination of professional sportswear design of the function of clothing, simple active, comfortable wearing, good ventilation performance, for the effect of exercise has a certain increase. Thirdly, the collocation of sportswear should take into account the factors such as body shape and complexion. Fat people in the exercise will be a lot of sweating, water loss more, such people should be based on personal circumstances, choose more relaxed absorbent sports outfit. Simple and practical style can avoid the visual sense of the burden, avoid the choice of tight sportswear, lest expose the shortcomings of the form. Then a pair of comfortable sports shoes are also indispensable.

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