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Sportswear Shrinkage Solutions
Apr 12, 2017

From the fabric characteristics of the understanding, cotton sportswear, silk clothing and sweaters are easy to shrink. Among them cotton clothing, especially cotton sportswear after shrinking difficult to recover, sweaters can be elongated after the dry cleaning shop to recover. How to prevent the problem is the crux of the solution, often some simple washing and maintenance can help solve these problems. The following is understood together. Cotton athletic wear is not easy to recover after shrinking, so good maintenance and prevention is particularly important. In daily washing, cotton clothes can be washed before washing with light brine for half an hour. Wash with warm water, and do not long time to soak clothes with detergent. Washing method is best to use hand washing, if the machine wash, remember not to use the wheel washing machine; Cotton sportswear can be put in the laundry bag with the drum washing machine set low-grade washing, before drying to stretch flat clothes.

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